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Server cases

We are producing GPU server cases for cryptocurrency mining. There are several types of cases available with different size an GPU count. Also you can choose various designs and colors. Shipping available to EU.

Skatīt produktus

Sheet metal manufacturing

Stairs, railings, drawings, metal part manufacturing.

We manufacture metal parts for varios metal staircases, railigs, building cover plates and similar metal constructions that need laser cutting and bending with press. 

On request, we develop technical work drawings and visualization for staircases, rails, panels, fastenings according to the needs of the customer, even when it is planned to manufacture elsewhere. We perform the necessary measurement work and advise on the most suitable solutions.

We perform file preparation for CNC laser cutting. We can work with up to 15mm stainless steel, up to 25mm Steel and Aluminum up to 8mm.

Design furniture

We are producing home and garden furniture, barbecues and more, creating a design of customers needs.